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Christmas wreath

42cm knot to knot

(15cm diameter)


We just can’t celebrate Christmas without a beautiful Christmas wreath and we wanted our floofs to have their own too! Some might say our handcrafted Christmas wreath is too pretty to use to play tug with but with our floofy CEOs’ assistance, we have made sure it is suitable for play as well as hooman decoration. The ring part of the Christmas wreath is extra thick and strong, much thicker than any of our other tug toy creations with a cute secured green bow to complete the look.

It certainly will look amazing on your Christmas tree too!

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All our toys are handmade with love right here in Australia. We take the utmost care to ensure our products are in perfect condition for your floof.

Extra tough

This special edition Christmas toy has more fleece packed in and tighter weaves to make it extra thick and extra tough. To top it off – it has it’s own stylish bow.


Just because it’s your floof’s personal chew and tug toy doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. We’re certain there are some hoomans that agree and will use it just for decoration this Christmas eve.

Care instructions

Wash under a cold machine wash at 30 degrees or coldest temperature setting, and leave to air dry until completely dry to touch. As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and are recommended for supervised play only.


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