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Limited edition pack-of-3

Easter hot-x-buns


Start your Easter day with your floof’s very own Easter Hot-x-buns fresh out of the oven. Fill them with yummy snacks and scatter them in tricky places. Get your Easter Basket and make it more challenging – stuff your Easter Basket with your floofs favourite treats and your snack-packed Easter Hot-x-buns and let your floof dive in for an Easter shopping spree.

Pack of 3 Easter Hot-x-buns with or without Easter Basket
Easter Hot-x-buns:
9cm x 9cm
Easter Basket:
 20cm x 20cm x 7cm

See our other flatties range and mix them up to challenge and encourage your floof’s foraging instincts and nosework skills.

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Care instructions

Wash under a cold machine wash at 30 degrees or coldest temperature setting, and leave to air dry until completely dry to touch. As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and are recommended for supervised play only.


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