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Snoofle mat (small)

30cm x 30cm


Snoofle mats, commonly known as a Snuffle mat, are a fun enrichment puzzle for your floof. They are great to use as a boredom buster and to get their brains going by sniffing out treats. Using their noses is a great way to engage their senses while also getting them to relax and practice calmness. Sprinkle any kibble, dry or semi-moist dog treats onto your Snoofle mat and watch them forage through the mat to find each piece.

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All our toys are handmade with love right here in Australia. We take the utmost care to ensure our products are in perfect condition for your floof.

Brain teaser

Snoofle mats take enrichment to the next level by challenging your floof to use their natural foraging instincts to find rewards you have hidden.

Slow feeder

Does your floof finishes his/her meal way too quickly? Try scattering their dry food onto the snoofle mat and let them take their time to search for the food.

Care instructions

Warm hand wash only is recommended. Leave to air dry until completely dry to touch. As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and are recommended for supervised play only.

5 reviews for Snoofle mat (small)

  1. Jyothi

    Cosmo is always so excited for his snoofle mat! It is such a great entertainer for him when I have work to do or whenever there is wet weather. The mat remains in great condition, and the colours still look nice and bright from the day I first received it! As for the size of the mat, it is definitely a convenient size (not too big or too small) and keeps Cosmo engaged whenever he uses it.

    I particularly love that we can make the hunt for treats as challenging or as easy as we like – we think it is the perfect enrichment activity!

    • snooflepaws

      We’re so glad you and Cosmo both enjoy the Snoofle mat to it’s full enrichment value. It’s great that Cosmo can keep at it for so long – good on ya floof! When you’re ready Cosmo you should try to take it to the next level – Go to the 3rd dimension and try out the Snoofle ball! It’s heaps of fun chasing it around while getting them free snackos!

  2. Johanna

    I don’t know who loves this mat more, me or Poppy! It slows her down when eating her dinner and she loves having to find her food. She gets so excited when I pull out this mat, she knows it’s fun time!
    Always a great activity to do when you need some alone time as it will take her a long time to get all of the food out of the mat.
    Thanks so much for this one! We love it

    • snooflepaws

      Let that beautiful floof smile shine! It’s so much fun snoofing about and finding all those yummy treats. If you need a challenge, try to put the treats a bit deeper into the mat, and if you think you’re ready for the next level try out our Snoofle balls – take it to the 3rd dimension Poppy and chase that ball while snoofing about.

      To top it off – some quiet time for the hoomans! 😀

  3. Tifany Wyllie

    Our puppy loves his snoofle mat and we love how it keeps him busy and out of mischief! I loved that we could pick our own colours and the service and communication from Kako was exceptional. Delivery was very fast also. Definitely recommend this product especially due to the fact that the snoofle mat is durable and easy to wash. Thank you!

    • snooflepaws

      We’re so glad your floof loves his Snoofle mat and that his mischievous days are now numbered with the extra mental stimulus! Keep him super busy and if he every gets cheeky try adding in some of his absolute favourite treats a little deeper into the mat to get him trying harder 🙂

  4. Jiordan Ng

    My boys have 2 of these Snoofle mats to alternate. I’m amazed at these mats’ multi-uses. They can be used as a very soft slow bowl that is excellent for my puppy’s delicate tongue. I normally sprinkle a meal worth of kibbles onto the mat and let their nose do the work. Anyone with a food inhaler pet like me will appreciate that these mats help slow their meal time significantly. On days when it is just not possible to go out for a walk or play, I simply hide some fresh veggie bites and some high value treats in the mats and let them hunt their own treasure. It is equally fun compared to a walk and the mental stimulation tire them out too.

    The Snoofle mats are truly one of my boys’ favourites and they definitely look at me more favourably with the mats in my hands. “Be the person your dogs think you are” remember?! Treat them with the best toys because they deserve only the best.

    I strongly recommend these mats because of their full customisation and versatility. They are made to last a long time and very easily maintained by just shaking off any left over crumbs or a quick hand wash.

    • snooflepaws

      We’re so glad your floofs can enjoy a safer and slower meal time, while getting their mental stimulation going at the same time. What a lifesaver it can be. Good job on the healthy snacks and for combining it with other ways to get them interested – such a smart Mahm! Thank you for treating your floofs like the kings and queens they are and we are so glad you chose to share your experience with us. We hope the Snoofle mats continue to bring much new joy and happiness in your home.

  5. Diana Ramirez

    This has been definitely one of Dante’s favourite so far. We use it when it’s rainy, when it’s too hot, when it’s too cold.. and when we are bored! You name it…… We have used lots of types of treats even mix with kibble and has always been a success. I personally love how easy it’s to clean and store. Thanks snooflepaws for such an amazing product

    • snooflepaws

      You are most welcome and we love to hear that it helps in all situations, especially that you find it super easy to clean up as we all know sometimes food goes everywhere. Good job Mahm and Dante for keeping it super fun!

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