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to snoofle paws!

Pods hero image with Trail, Snoofle and Basic pods in various colours.

Snoofle pods

What happens when you combine a snoofle puzzle with a nose work games? 

Are you ready to take snoofling to another level? All you need is some yummy treats and one or more of our pods, scatter them everywhere and let the sniffing detective hunt down the treasures.

small snoofle patch hero image in diagonal pattern with teal, mint, lime and floof white colours

Snoofle patches

Take the enrichment fun on-the-go anywhere, anytime. 

Engage your floof’s senses by sprinkling any kibble, dry or semi-moist dog treats onto your Snoofle Patch and watch them forage through the patch to find each piece.

Snoofle balls hero image of ball in floof white, lollipop and bubblegum

Snoofle ball

Take enrichment to the next level by challenging your floof in 3 dimensions – snoof, balance and snack all at once. Encourage your floof to use their natural instincts for sniffing and foraging, while at the same time providing lots of mental stimulation. The perfect toy for calming your floof after an exciting activity!

Snoofle toys hero image of gob in floof white, sunshine, gold and fire

Snoofle toys

A floof’s greatest pleasure is spending time with you and what better way than to play! Chew, tug, fetch and many more. . . Time to burn out that extra energy and get all paws on deck. Did you know that there are different toys for alternate types of play?



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