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Snoofle ball


Our Snoofle balls, commonly known as a Snuffle ball, make great interactive toys for your floofs and provide lots of enrichement! The ball shape of the Snoofle ball enables it to move around, which makes the snoofle game trickier. Snoofle balls encourages your floof to use their natural instincts for sniffing and foraging, while at the same time providing lots of mental stimulation. Simply hide some of your floof’s favourite treats within the fleece folds and let them move the snoofle ball around to search for those delicious treats!
Small – 10cm diameter approximately. Perfect for toy size floofs and cats
Medium – 14cm diameter approximately. Made to suit small to medium size floofs
Large – 18cm diameter approximately. Designed for medium to large size floofs

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All our toys are handmade with love right here in Australia. We take the utmost care to ensure our products are in perfect condition for your floof.

Brain teaser

Snoofle balls take enrichment to the next level by challenging your floof in 3 dimensions – snoof, balance and snack all at once. Brain teaser of the year!

Great for training

Using an enrichment aid is one of the best ways to engage and reward your floof. Aid your floof to learn how to be patient, listen to commands, and many more . . .

Care instructions

Wash under cold machine wash at 30 degrees or coldest temperature setting, and leave to air dry until completely dry to touch. As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and are recommended for supervised play only.

8 reviews for Snoofle ball

  1. Charlotte

    Mila uses her medium snoofle ball every day! We give it to her before she goes to sleep and also when we leave the house. It is the perfect distraction to help her settle and avoid any anxiety of us leaving. We love all of Snooflepaws products and can’t wait to grow our collection!

  2. Tenchi, Maria & Glenn

    Thank you Snoofle Paws! I love my Snoofle Ball, even the boring foods are made fun! Whenever I am bored or it’s rainy outside I look forward to snoofling around with my ball to keep me occupied and engaged!

    Mum and Dad love small businesses like yours, high quality hand made products made with the love and affection you guys put into everything make them really special!

    We can’t wait to see what other wonderful creations you guys come up with!

    5/5 Paws from me!

    • snooflepaws

      Thanks for the pawesome review Tenchi! It brought tears to our eyes reading along. We’re always trying our best to provide high quality at affordable everyday prices for our floofers and furiends. We’re so glad to have you as a Snoofler. Check in every month and keep a lookout for our new collections…we’re always releasing new stuff to keep you busy, enriched and stylish!

  3. Martha & Louis

    Both mum and Louis absolutely love Lou Mans Snoofle Ball. It’s the greatest toy for entertainment, enrichment and comfort.
    We find Louis playing with it, even when it isn’t full of treats.
    When it is, it keeps him busy for 20 plus minutes, his sniffers go mad and he is hooked!
    GREAT TOY! 5 stars ⭐️

    • snooflepaws

      So awesome to hear everyone loves the Snoofle balls so much. It really is a great toy for entertainment while keeping the enrichment values strong. You go get it Louise! Even playing without the treats – you’re a real Snoofler! Keep the party rolling everyone!

  4. Maria

    Unique and great enrichment toy for our growing furbaby Tenchi. He really loves it and it keeps him busy while we are working from home too! Such a great product for puppers.

    • snooflepaws

      Thank you for the awesome review. We’re super happy Tenchi can play with his Snoofle Ball all alone – what a big floof already! Remember to always keep safe snacking 😛

  5. Boomer

    I love my snoofle balls – they are so pretty and well made! I always have fun finding all the treats inside them and it keeps me well entertained. Lucky for me, I got 3 x medium ones so I’ll always be able to have fun with them. Can’t wait to get more next time!!

    • snooflepaws

      You’ve got one pawesome collection going there Boomer! I’m sure all your pup furiends must be a bit jelly at how spoilt you are. You’re hoomans are such go getters keeping your enrichment and exercise up! Keep it up hoomans! and keep the treat festivities going Boomer!

  6. Anita D

    Thank you Snoofle Paws, my dogs absolutely love their Snoofle Ball.. it keeps them entertained and the quality is fantastic.
    Highly recommend this product!

    • snooflepaws

      We’re so happy your floofs enjoy their Snoofle Ball. It’s definitely a fantastic way to keep them engaged and entertained. Keep a lookout for our new products – we’re always working on more ways to keep your floofs entertained!

  7. Jessica

    I bought a Snoofle ball for my dog Fern for Christmas and she absolutely loves using it. It even gets her excited about her dry dog food that she doesn’t particularly like!

    • snooflepaws

      Yay!! I am so happy that Fern loves the Snoofle ball!! Looks like the dry food is not boring no more !! ^^

  8. Tina Doan

    I got the “Snoofle ball” as an Xmas gift for my boys but let’s be honest, who can wait until Xmas for such an amazing toy lol. I love the creative design, beautiful colour combos and excellent craftsmanship that is second to none. With thoughtful design and premium material used, I rest assured that my fur kids have the best time without worries about hazards presented by other poor quality materials. My fur kids are looking forward to their Snoofle play time now and they appreciate their snacks a lot more. There wouldn’t be any dull moment with this Snoofle ball haha.

    Thank you Snoofle Paws so much for these beautifully made enrichment toys. They can only be made with unconditional love for our pets.

    • snooflepaws

      We are so glad you love your Snoofle Ball, especially that you got yourself one (let’s be honest) for Xmas :P. We did too :D. We’re so glad your floofs love snack time now even more and appreciate how much effort you go to for them. We’re super happy that you are assured there is only good quality and lots of love placed into our products – that’s all that we can ask for.

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