Triple rings

30cm knot to knot

(size may vary)


Our Triple ring tug toy has easy-to-grip handles for both the humans floofs alike. Making it easy-to-grip on to during a game of tug. No more slipping out during play! A good grip during play is important but also having a way to avoid those nipping play bites is even better. With three rings you can quickly switch hands or change rings in the heat of the game.

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(two colour)


(three colour)


(three colour)


(four colour)

Handy grip

With three rings you can quickly switch hands or change rings in the heat of the game, allowing you to avoid those playful nibbles along the way. Keep the fun times rolling!

Crazy shaker

Light weight and compact – the Triple ring is a great toy for those crazy toy shakers allowing play without knocking over the hoomans during the shake!

Great for training

Using an enrichment aid is one of the best ways to engage and reward your floof. Triple rings are great for agility, flyball and obedience training.

Care instructions

Wash under a cold machine wash at 30 degrees or coldest temperature setting, and leave to air dry until completely dry to touch. As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and are recommended for supervised play only.

6 reviews for Triple rings

  1. Kathryn

    Bought these for my berners and they absolutely love it!! It is not only a cute toy – it’s super strong as well!

    • snooflepaws

      Super strong and cute! That’s why we love the Triple rings too – what we call a fashionable and sensible item for floofs. We are so happy that your Berners love the Triple rings, they are great for multi-player action. Keep the fun times coming!!

  2. Willow the Golden Retriever

    Love the triple ring toy! I always bring it to my mum and dad as soon as they get home and make them play with me! Mum also said she’s surprised at how durable this product (among every other product we’ve bought). We love it!

    • snooflepaws

      Nice one! That’s the floof way – keep them guessing how and when you want to play! We’re super happy you’re enjoying your new enrichment toy. Make the most of the Triple rings with a group play session! Get some of your favourite hooman’s and floof’s together to play!

  3. Johanna

    My Samoyed Poppy absolutely loves her triple rings! Easily her favourite toy that we own.
    We have had them for a few months and it is still going strong, even with her relentless chewing!
    Thanks again xx

    • snooflepaws

      You are both most welcome! We’re so happy that it’s stood the test of time and kept Poppy so busy.

  4. Monsieur Bruce Almighty

    Loving our triple ring tug toy, it’s been through the ringer with 3 dogs but always bounces back good as new. Love that you can choose your colour combination and the customer service is amazing .. . so happy to support this amazing Australian small business

    • snooflepaws

      It’s great to hear that our Triple ring tug toy is meeting the multi-play standard. We’re super thrilled your floof squad can play with full floof power and not hold back. Thank you for supporting us and you are always welcome back! There are some amazing toys here especially for squad play – have a look at the Quad-o-pus for the next adventure.

  5. Rachel

    My Great Dane x absolutely loves this. Colour range is amazing! I highly recommend the triple rings for all dogs

    • snooflepaws

      Triple rings are great for play with furiends and are super soft on hooman hands. We are super thrilled that your floof loves the rings. 🙂

  6. Suzanne

    My miniature dachshunds absolutely looove this toy! Highly recommended Snoofle Paws products, they are lovely to deal with and dispatched super fast.
    Beautifully made!

    • snooflepaws

      We’re so glad your miniature dachshunds love the toy. We always try our best to get the order to you as soon as possible 🙂

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