Large log

90cm knot to knot

(size may vary)


Our Large log tug toys are a great interactive toy for floofs of all sizes. Excellent for those that simply love a game of tug-o-war or can’t stop themselves from dragging/chasing a toy around. Playing tug will give your floofs a great mental and physical workout, while strengthening your bond, so it’s perfect for burning off excess energy to minimise boredom and destruction power!

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Team play

With the extra length of the Large log you can be sure that it’s a toy built for group play. The Large log easily keeps furiends playing for hours.

Ready, play!

Tug-o-war will never be the same again, with team play and extra length it’s going to be a real battle. Tired? The Large log can also be used for a great game of fetch!

Small x big

Floofs of any size can join in the fun! The Large log is light for it’s size and extra long allowing the cheekiest of miniature floofs to join the fun and long enough for mighty floofs!

Care instructions

Wash under a cold machine wash at 30 degrees or coldest temperature setting, and leave to air dry until completely dry to touch. As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and are recommended for supervised play only.

6 reviews for Large log

  1. Hector the Labrador

    We love our snoofle log! My 9 month old, super playful and power chewer labrador loves to play tug with his snoofle toys! Every time we bring it out he jumps around and his whole body wags in excitement!

    We purchased this toy when he was 15 weeks old and he is now 9 months old and it still holds up! (unlike a lot of his other toys that have sadly gone to toy heaven). We are so surprised at how durable this toy is and will definitely be purchasing again!

    • snooflepaws

      It’s so awesome to hear that you’re loving your snoofle toy Hector. We’re super chuffed to hear how your whole body wags in excitement. Must be a sight that never stops bringing smiles. Keep up the playtimes and never let those hooman’s take a break :). Keep keeping it real Hector!

  2. Kim & Bubble

    I got one of these plus a monster gob for my boy (along with a party log) and he absolutely loves them! Took all 3 toys straight to his bed. Sleeps with them too, loves to chew on them, play fetch and tug of war. They’re made from amazing material and durable so they last a LOT better than rope toys.

    • snooflepaws

      Such a cutie – sleeping with the new toys 🙂 Thank you for thinking of us and of course we’re super happy to hear they are much sturdier.

  3. Willow the Golden Retriever

    This toy is absolutely amazing! I have witnessed 3 large dogs play tug of war with it and honestly couldn’t believe at how durable the material is – not even a single scratch on it!!! We love our large log!

    • snooflepaws

      That’s super! We love that you’re really ruffing those toys up – keep the play going! It’s super fun in big groups to play tug-o-war 😀

  4. Diana Ramirez

    As soon as we got the parcel, Dante was very excited. He has been enjoying his tug toy with and without toilet paper rolls lol…. kidding aside we both love to play tug of war every now and then and the material really helps to play easy. On of the things I love is the diversity of colours and tug toys snooflepaws offer!!

    • snooflepaws

      Thank you for mental image – had us laughing for ages of Dante with toilet paper rolls :D.

      We’re so glad you love the toys and that the materials help make it easy for you to play.

  5. Michelle Charles

    We love our long log tug toy! Bubbles, Portia and Bam Bam play tug of war every day. It washes up so well, it is like it’s still brand new. Love all the colour combinations. Highly recommend! It keeps the floofs happy for hours.

    • snooflepaws

      Having three floofs in the house would definitely be a handful to keep them engaged. Our Large logs are definitely a perfect toy to get a group play session happening and to provide the enrichment and stimulation they need to tire them out. So glad to hear that Bubbles, Portia and Bam Bam are enjoying it to the max!~~ 😀

  6. Hayley Parker

    We love our snoofle paws large log, our boy Moose loves to play tug and at 30kg and 7 months old he plays pretty rough with it. It’s gentle on his teeth and doesn’t hurt my hands like other hard type rope toys, it’s easy to wash and is holding up really well. I highly recommend it!

    • snooflepaws

      We’re so glad Moose can play to his heart’s content with his Large log tug toy. We aim to provide durable toys that both hoomans and floofs can enjoy safely 🙂

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