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Trail pods

Small – 10cm x 10cm, trail 50cm approx
Large – 14cm x 14cm, trail 100cm approx


What happens when you combine a snoofle puzzle with a nose work game?

When you extend the Trail Pod there are lots of little pockets where you can hide treats inside, then you roll it back up and tuck it back into it’s pod. Twist, turn, tuck and roll your trail to help stimulate your floof’s mind – always keep them guessing. Your floof will need to use their noses to locate it then use their brain power to work out how to take out the trail to get to the yummy treats. Not easy right?

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Floof white




























Care instructions

Cold machine wash with like colours or separately. Do not add softener or high strength cleaner. Leave to air dry until completely dry to touch. 

As with all toys, these items are not indestructible and are recommended for supervised play only.

5 reviews for Trail pods

  1. Sarah

    We love our trail pod! It’s a great enrichment for our pup Pixie. We give her one at home for snoofle days and even when we have to leave hee alone so she is kept busy! The quality and colours are amazing

    • snooflepaws

      Go Pixie go! Get those treats! so cuuute. Absolutely love that Pixie enjoys her snoofle adventure so much. Trail pods are fantastic for daily scent work and amazing for keeping them busy.. We always do our best to make our products with premium materials so they last your floofs the longest time possible. Thank you for the awesome review.

  2. Laura

    One of my dogs favourite snoofle toys! Has lasted so long with no damage and is used regularly, the dogs are always excited to have it and they love the little sniff adventure it brings.

    • snooflepaws

      We love seeing floofs of all sizes and types having a good snoofle adventure. We love that your floof has this as their special little enrichment toy. Thank you for the awesome review and insight into your snoofle adventures.

  3. Eliza

    Amazing enrichment product! Both my dogs love the challenge and can mix up how many pockets have treats! Love the different colour options too as we can have one colour for every occassion

    • snooflepaws

      We are so happy you love our Trail pods and can use them to the fullest with all those little hidden treasures. Remember to always keep a lookout for our Limited Edition sets.

  4. Emma Jean Pitman

    My Boston Hank LOVES his trail pod!!! He can be a bit destructive so I was a bit concerned about him destroying the pod after a while, but fear not! He has chewed it, carried it around the house, used it daily for months, and it is still in great condition. Hank can usually get through almost anything but this trail pod has been the best addition yet to his enrichment time. It also takes him a while to get through it which is great! Couldn’t be happier.

  5. Cassandra

    My two dogs love snuffling with their trail pods. I keep it challenging by placing the trail pod inside the basic/snoofle pod and this engages them. It requires more brainwork so it prolongs their snuffle time and also tires them out.

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